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Retail industry studies show if you process sales of over $500,000 per year, a POS system will pay for itself within the first year or two.

Exactis Point-of-Sale

Provide a better experience for your customers by using  ExactisPOS. Use offline, offsite or disconnected in a multi-lane or multi-store environment. 

ExactiPOS will accept most payment types including gift cards, uses barcode processing and will process any sales type to serve more customers in an timely manner.

Exactis Point-of-Sale is an all-in-one hardware and software system which is fully integrated with Open Systems' Traverse application and Microsoft's® Sql Server. ExactisPOS is based on a synchronized detached architecture.

ExactisPOS Topology

The Exactis Store, Office, and Traverse Databases are housed on the SQL® server.

The Exactis POS Register can be independent from the server for a limited time.